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What Our Members are Saying About 180 Church

  • Aaron Gayden (Aaron Gayden )

    "...this is a unique and wonderful church because this family acknowledges our imperfect humanity without either judgment or complacency. That is a hard balance to find but it is so important. Come expecting to be challenged. Experience great opportunities to allow Jesus to turn you around."

  • Tiffiny Mundy (Tiffiny Mundy)

    "Crossroads is a great place with very loving people, once you come your family."

  • Laurie King McKellepp (Laurie King McKellop)

    It's been my church home for 19 years this June 1st. I am surrounded by the love of family and made to feel an important part of the body of Christ. I have built many relationships over these years that'll last throughout eternity!

  • Shelly Durham (Shelly Durham)

    Amazing family!!! Amazing people! ! Our home away from home(heaven)..

  • Issac Malave (Issac Malave)

    I love 180 it change my life around